World of Origin


Welcome adventures to the World of Origin.

This is my personal homebrewed Material Plane, and it's related cosmology. 

This site will serve as:

a) An archive of my personal House Rules.

b) A archive of Items, Locations, Settlements. Classes/Prestige Classes, Races/Monsters, and other things unique to my campaign world. The things on these lists will be added as they are encountered by players, and this list will continuously grow over time. 

c) A list of events currently taking place on in this setting, based on what the PCs currently know of them. 

d) A record of important events which took place in this Material Plane.  

e1) A record of PCs who have journeyed across this campaign setting, past and present. I will provide a short description myself of the PCs, and if needed a summery of their fate after they cease being played by their players.

e2) I ask that each player also make a personal summary/profile/description of who their PCs are/were so that I may include it in their entry. 

e3) Each character will have a personal journal, which their players may use to write down their characters thoughts, actions, or anything relating to their characters they wish. (Please do not post in someone else's journal!)

f) An archive of important, powerful, or simply memorable NPCS who have been encountered in my setting.

Recent Updates:

As of December 9th, 2009
I  added to the In Memory Dungeon Master page.


As of December 9th, 2009
I finally found what I feel is the best fitting music for the PCs Current & Past Page.
I updated the list of current PCs, and added the fluff for those whop it was available. I still need their images, though! 


As of December 8th, 2009
I did some major reworking of the Settlements section, and corrected any old mistakes I had there.
I added some new settlements to the Settlements section.


As of December 7th, 2009
Added the tavernkeeper Edd Benerson and his five lovely daughters to the NPC section. 


As of December 5th, 2009
Updated the Deities & Planes section to include the Asgardian Planes.  
Added an orbital view of the world Origin. 


As of November 20th, 2009
Updated Major Events Past.


As of November 20th, 2009
•Added a video interpretation of a Dogbold by Kevin May (aka Largo) to the Unique Races section. 


As of November 20th, 2009
•Updated the Adept class in my houserules.
•Updated changes to the Catfolk race in my houserules.
Added my changes to the Darfellan race from Stormwrack to my hosuerules. 
•Added my changes to the Kobold race and it's subraces to my houserules.
•Corrected some bad wording in the Gnoll entry under Races Specific Changes in my houserules.
•I have added Quadrone #3467 to the Notable NPCs section.

•I have added a section for the village of Cassandra's notable NPCs in the Notable NPCs section.
• I have added to the Images made by players page. It was a bit overdue.
• Added a new page to the site titled PCs Current & Past, and rearranged the pages sidebar a bit. .


As of September 13th, 2009
•Added the Chipuus race to the Unique Races section. 
•Added an entirely new page to the site! It is intended to showcase images made by players past and present.


As of August 21th, 2009
•Added the typical Gnoll, High Elf, and Wood Elf currencies to the Currencies page. 


As of August 9th, 2009
• I add the twin moons Lunar and Luner under Origin in the Deities & Planes page.


As of August 4th-5th, 2009
• I added the Prinny Domain to the New Domains section of the Deities & Planes page.

• Stayed up most of the night adding the Prinnies to my Unique Races page, and editing, formatting, and correcting mistakes on it. There were a few mistakes then I had thought, and it took a LOT longer than I thought...


As of July 22nd, 2009
• Added Indexes to the Currencies, Notable NPCs, and Settlements pages.


As of June 26th, 2009
• Updated my House Rules with an explanation of how magic is created and works in this

As of April 9th, 2009

• Better organized Deities & Planes page, and added a hyperlinked index to it.
Added the Currencies page to detail the different currencies of Origin.


As of March 26th, 2009
• Updated the Major Events past page.


As of March 16th, 2009

• Added indexes with hyperlinks to the Unique Character Options and Unique Prestige Classes pages.


As of March 9th, 2009
• Added indexes with hyperlinks to the Unique Races and Unique Classes pages.
• Added indexes with hyperlinks to both the Bulletin Board and Unique Items pages.
•Updated the Major Events Current and Major Events Past section with the most significant events of the past dozen years.

•Updated the Unique Items section with items which have been discovered by PCs.

•Rearranged the Bulletin Boards section for ease of reading, and have begun adding unlocked settlements.


As of March 7th, 2009

•Rearranged the Settlements page for ease of reading.
•Turned the Year and Date box into it's own sidebar visible on all pages.


As of Feruary 28th, 2009

•Added the Snotlings to the Unique Races page.


As of February 26th, 2009

Added the Ork subrace to the Unique Races page, along with new Ork Tech in the Unique Items section.